Are you looking for Agricultural Financing Solutions?

Ric Luimes is a mortgage advisor with Jencor Mortgage Corp and his role is to help farmers find the financing they need to grow their businesses.  Ric has farmed for over fifteen years, first in irrigated specialty crops in southern Alberta and more recently, dryland grain in west central Saskatchewan.  Ric has extensive experience in the Ag and finance sectors including Ag commodity & forex trading and real estate asset management along with hands on crop and livestock experience.  Ric works to provide farmers with more financing options, better terms, and the peace of mind they get from knowing they got the right deal for them.  Ric grew up on a dairy farm near Lethbridge and is now based in Calgary.


Farm Mortgages

Ric deals with multiple lenders giving you access to dozens of different mortgages so you can choose the best one for you

Farm mortgages continue to get more complex and the list of things your bank wants you to sign keeps getting longer… general security agreements, collateral mortgages, personal guarantees, borrowing resolutions, lien covenants,  debt service coverage covenants and the list goes on. 

These contracts inevitably favour the banks, after all, they wrote them.  Level the playing field with the help of a mortgage broker and find the bank most willing to do business on your terms.  Along with helping you find the best terms for your current needs, Ric will help you understand what you are agreeing to and what will happen if a disaster were to occur. CONTACT RIC for more information. 


Equipment Financing

The age old question, should I finance my equipment or lease it.  Why not consider both?

If you are seeking advice on whether buying or leasing makes the most sense for your tax situation, contact your accountant.  If you are looking for the most cost effective or most flexible way of financing your equipment, contact Ric.  When you finance through the bank or a dealer, they have just one option they can offer you.  Ric has access to over 30 lenders to find the perfect solution for you.  Whether you are looking for seasonal payments to match your income stream, an extended payment schedule for the equipment you don’t use very often, or a break from the first few months of payments to get your equipment up and running, CONTACT RIC to find the options you are looking for.      


Operating Credit

Getting enough operating capital to run your business is usually the most difficult credit to find.

Inadequate liquidity can be a drain on your business.  Having sufficient operating credit allows you to cut costs by purchasing inputs when they are on sale and increase revenues by waiting for commodity markets to rally.  Optimizing your debt makes you more profitable.  If you would like to know more about the options available to you CONTACT RIC today.    



The best part about using a broker is that it is absolutely free, unless they save you money first.

  • Brokers are obligated to protect your personal information by law just like a bank.  We are insured and audited to make sure we are protecting your information
  • Brokers have access to financing you are unlikely to find on your own.  They deal with many lenders including lenders you can only access through brokers
  • Brokers understand the banks’ contracts and they can help you understand what you are agreeing to.  If a disaster were to happen, you will know what to expect
  • Brokers know which lenders are most likely to offer the best deal and limit the amount of information shared to just the top one, two, or on the odd occasion, three lenders.  This helps keep your information private while still securing you the best solution 
  • Brokers save you time.  How long would it take you to shop your business around to 5 different banks, filling out and signing all the application forms and complying with all the information requests including sending in financial statements 
  • Brokers work for you, not the bank, thus providing you with a professional unbiased opinion