Finance your Location

Need financing for land and/or buildings?  We have lenders looking to help you own the right location for your business

Ric and the team at DLC can help you secure financing for the land and buildings your business requires.  Whether you are looking for office space, warehousing, retail space, or an industrial property, we have lenders looking to help.  Ric and the team at DLC have lenders looking for financing opportunities from $250K to $100M+.  CONTACT RIC


Acquire New Equipment

There is virtually no limit to the things businesses can finance.  We have options for every piece of equipment your business needs

DLC works with over 30 industry focused financing companies that are looking to finance everything from office furniture to industrial manufacturing equipment to construction equipment to medical imaging equipment and everything in between.  Even software licences can now be financed on competitive terms.  CONTACT RIC to find out more.


Manage your Cash Flow

Ever hear the phrase, “You’ll get paid when I get paid?”  There are several options available to help small businesses with their cash management

Getting your customers to pay on time has always been a problem for small companies.  The good news is, there are solutions.  Inventory financing combined with receivables factoring allows small businesses to manage their cash flows without the hassle and uncertainty of unpredictable payment schedules.  CONTACT RIC to learn more about the options available.


Invest in Real Estate

Great investment opportunities rarely include great financing too.  Ric can help you match that opportunity to financing that works for you.

Whether you are looking to finance your first rental property or you are a real estate investment veteran, Ric and the DLC team can help you find the capital you need.  Whether you need construction financing for your industrial property, CMHC insured financing for your multi-family residential project, or you need flexible payments to align with your vacation rental revenue stream, CONTACT RIC to get the options best suited to your needs.   



The best part about using a broker is that it is absolutely free, unless they save you money first.

  • Brokers are obligated to protect your personal information by law just like a bank.  We are insured and audited to make sure we are protecting your information
  • Brokers have access to financing you are unlikely to find on your own.  They deal with many lenders including lenders you can only access through brokers
  • Brokers understand the banks’ contracts and they can help you understand what you are agreeing to.  If a disaster were to happen, you will know what to expect
  • Brokers know which lenders are most likely to offer the best deal and limit the amount of information shared to just the top one, two, or on the odd occasion, three lenders.  This helps keep your information private while still securing you the best solution
  • Brokers save you time.  How long would it take you to shop your business around to 5 different banks, filling out and signing all the application forms and complying with all the information requests including sending in financial statements
  • Brokers work for you, not the bank, thus providing you with an unbiased opinion