Are you looking for Home Financing Options?

Ric Luimes is a mortgage advisor with Jencor Mortgage Corp and his role is to help business owners and home buyers secure the financing they need.  Ric has been a small business owner for over fifteen years and has diverse industry experience from real estate asset management to commodity and forex trading.  Ric’s goal is to provide business owners and home buyers with more options and better terms than they can get from their local bank.  Ric grew up on a farm near Lethbridge and is now based in Calgary.

  • Own your home – Every borrower is unique and the one mortgage product at your bank rarely fits you perfectly…we deal with dozens of banks to find a mortgage that fits you just right
  • Pay off your mortgage faster – a little bit of planning goes a long way to getting you debt free faster.  Ask Ric about how you can burn your mortgage quicker
  • Make your payments more manageable – sometimes you just need a little more breathing room.  Whether you are looking to consolidate your high interest debt, switch to a fix rate, take advantage of a lower interest rate, or extend your amortization to accommodate life changes, mortgage brokers can help
  • Take advantage of your equity – The equity in your home can be used to help finance your retirement, buy an investment property, finance your business, or make other large purchases.  Contact Ric to find out more
  • Invest in real estate – Looking to buy rental properties?  We have lenders for that too.

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The best part about using a broker is that it is absolutely free unless they save you money first.

  • Brokers are obligated to protect your personal information by law just like a bank.  We are insured and audited to make sure we are protecting your information
  • Brokers have access to financing you are unlikely to find on your own.  They deal with many lenders including lenders you can only access through brokers
  • Brokers understand the banks’ contracts and they can help you understand what you are agreeing to.  If the unforeseen were to happen you will know what to expect
  • Brokers know which lenders are most likely to offer the best deal and limit the amount of information shared to just the top one, two, or on the odd occasion, three lenders.  This helps keep your information private while still securing you the best deal 
  • Brokers save you time.  How long would it take you to shop your mortgage around to five different banks and respond to all the information requests
  • Brokers work for you, not the bank, thus providing you with a professional unbiased opinion